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Acmella paniculata

Acmella paniculata (Wall. ex DC.) R.K.Jansen is a herb, belong to the family, Asteraceae.  Acmella paniculata is widely found in Assam. This plant has medicinal properties. It is used as an herbal remedy for gum problem and toothache and oral infections.

Common names of Acmella paniculata are Eyeball plant, spot plant, para cress, toothache plant. Common names of Acmella paniculata in Assamese is হুহনি (Huhoni), বন নাৰ্জী  (bon narji), jati-malkathi, and পাৰ্বতি বন (Parbati-bana. ).

Synonym of Acmella paniculata (Wall. ex DC.) : Acmella paniculata f. calva J.Kost., Acmella paniculata f. paniculata, Spilanthes acmella var. albescentifolia A.H. Moore, Spilanthes acmella var. paniculata (Wall. ex DC.) C.B.Clarke, Spilanthes acmella var. paniculata (Wall. ex DC.) C.B. Clarke ex Hook. f., Spilanthes acmella var. typica Hochr. Spilanthes calva DC., Spilanthes calva var. calva, Spilanthes grandifolia Miq. , Spilanthes lobata Blanco, Spilanthes paniculata Wall. ex DC., Spilanthes paniculata f. bicolor J.Kost., Spilanthes paniculata f. paniculata , Spilanthes rugosa Blume ex DC.

These plants are hairless annual or perennial herbs with branching stems. The height of this plant reaches 10 to 20 centimeters, growing prostrate or erect. The leaves are oppositely arranged and smooth-edged or toothed, and usually have rough or soft hairs. Flower of Acmella paniculata is yellow. The plant is located in boggy ground, margins of ponds, marshes, and along water.

Scientific classification of Acmella paniculata
Kingdom : Plantae  
Phylum : Tracheophyta  
Class : Magnoliopsida  
Order : Asterales  
Family : Asteraceae  
Genus : Acmella  
Scientific name :  Acmella paniculata (Wall. ex DC.) R.K.Jansen

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