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Alternanthera sessilis

Alternanthera sessilis is a perennial herb in the family Amaranthaceae and native to Assam. The plant grows wild in Assam. The Assamese Common names of the herb are মাটি কাদুৰি, (Mati Kaduri), মাটি কান্দুৰি  (Mati Kanduri, Matikanduri, Matikaduri). Other common names of the herb are sessile joyweed and dwarf copperleaf. The plan is edible and popular as a vegetable in Assam. Consuming sessile joyweed is beneficial for health. It is a popular herbal medicine.  The plant grows at the soil with high humidity and near pond, swamps, and ditches. Shape of leaf of joyweed is lanceolate to spathulate. Margin of leaf is entire. Arrangement of leaf is opposite-decussate or clustered. Flowers are shiny white.

Scientific classification of sessile joyweed
Kingdom :  Plantae
Order       : Caryophyllales
Family   : Amaranthaceae
Genus   : Alternanthera
Scientific name : Alternanthera sessilis(L.R.Br. ex DC.

Synonyms of Alternanthera sessilis : 
Alternanthera denticulata R. Brown
Alternanthera glabra
Alternanthera nodiflora R. Brown
Gomphrena sessilis L.
Illecebrum sessile L.

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