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Christella parasitica

Christella parasitica is a species of fern in the Thelypteridaceae family. This fern is available in all places of Assam. The Assamese common name of Christella parasitica is বিহ ঢেকীয়া, বিহলঙনি  (Bihdhekia, Bihlangoni, Bihlongoni). Other common name of the fern is Parasitic maiden fern. The fern is used as insecticides and antifungus. It has medicinal uses.

Scientific classification of Christella parasitica
Kingdom  : Plantae
Family   : Thelypteridaceae
Genus  :  Christella
Binomial name  : Christella parasitica (L.) H.Lév.

Synonyms of Christella parasitica (L.) H.Lév. : Thelypteris parasitica, Cyclosorus parasiticus

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