Cissampelos pareira

Cissampelos pareira is a species of flowering plant and climber in the family Menispermaceae. It is native to Assam. Common name of the climber in Assamese is Tubukilata. Other common names (in English) are pareira brava, Abuta, Barbasco, Barel-panrhe, False Pareira Brava, False Pareira Root, Ice Vine, Midwife’s Herb, Pereira Root, Sulara, Velvet Leaf, (in Sanskrit) is Laghu Patha , (in Tamil) is Vatta-t-tiruppi, (in Telugu) is Pata Visah Boddi,  (in Bengali) is Kijri, (in Gujarati) is Venivel, (in Hindi) are Bhatvel, Padh, (in Kannada) is Parera Beru, (in Khasi) is Jyrmi Salla, (in Konkani) is Pahadvel, (in Malayalam) are Paataththaali, Malathaanti, (in Marathi) are Dhakati Padaval, Pahadmul,  Lahan Pahadvel, (in Oriya) is Ghodakur. It is a valuable medicinal plant.

Scientific classification of Cissampelos pareira

Kingdom:       Plantae

Clade :    Tracheophytes

Clade :    Angiosperms

Clade :    Eudicots

Order :   Ranunculales

Family :  Menispermaceae

Genus :  Cissampelos

Species : C. pareira

Binomial name : Cissampelos pareira L.