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Crinum asiaticum

Crinum asiaticum is a perennial herb in the family Amaryllidaceae.   The plant is native to Assam, Indian Ocean islands, East Asia, tropical Asia, Australia and Pacific islands. The Common names of the plant are Grand crinum lily, Poison Bulb, Giant Crinum Lily, Spider Lily, (in Assamese)  বন নহৰু bon nohoru, (in Bengali) baro kanur, koba rasun, nagdal, nagdamini, sudarsan, sukhdarshan, (in Hindi) nagdamani, sukhdarshan, (in Kannada) naagdaali, vishabiduru, vishamunguli, (in Marathi) bhuishirad, nagadamani, nagadavana, (in Odia) arisa, dhinkiadala, (in Sanskrit) nagadamani, sudarsana, vishamandala, (in Tamil) nari-venkayam, peru-narivenkayam, visa-munkil, (in Telugu) chengalva, kesarchettu, etc. The flower is beautiful, but all parts of the plant are toxic.

It is observed that in Assam C. asiaticum grows up to about 60cm tall. It has a leaf base. Its pseudobulb is spherical. Leaves of C. asiaticum are lanceolate, margin entire, apex acuminate. Its flowersgrow in clusters of 8 to 15, at the top of a long stalk. Its petals are lanceolate and white and six in numbers. The flower stem is erect, as long as the leaf, and solid. Stamens are purple in color.


Kingdom    :         Plantae
Phylum       :        Tracheophyta
Class            :         Liliopsida
Order          :         Asparagales
Family         :         Amaryllidaceae
Genus          :       Crinum
Species        :       Crinum asiaticum L.

Bulbine asiatica (L.) Gaertn.
                Crinum brevifolium Roxb., nom. superfl.
Crinum toxicarium var. asiaticum (L.) Herb., nom. superfl.

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