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Eranthemum roseum

Eranthemum roseum is a perennial herb in the family Acanthaceae. It is found on shady moist area of Assam in wild. Common name of Eranthemum roseum in Assamese is শিৱ ফুল (Shiva Phul). The other common names of the herb are Blue eranthemum, Rosy eranthemum, Gulsham, Nil vasak, Dasmuli,  Jangali aboli.  Arrangement of leaves of Eranthemum roseum is opposite, shape of leaves is oblong-lanceolate and margin of leaves is crenulate. Flowers are blue or rose-coloured or blue-violet occur either singly in the leaf axils or in a spike 10-15 cm long, at the end of branches. Flowers have 5 petals and two stamens emerging from the flower tube. The flowers have a strong fragrance and fade to a rosy color.

Scientific classification of Eranthemum roseum

Kingdom    : Plantae

Order          :  Lamiales

Family          :  Acanthaceae

Genus          :  Eranthemum

Species         :  Eranthemum roseum (Vahl) R. Br.

Synonyms of Eranthemum roseum (Vahl) R. Br.

Daedalacanthus roseus (Vahl) T. Anders.

Daedalacanthus roseus var. neesii C. B. Cl.

Eranthemum roseum var. neesii (Vahl) Karthik. & Moorthy

Eranthemum roseum var. parviflorum Santapau ex M.R.Almeida

Justicia rosea Vahl



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