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Euphorbia hirta

Euphorbia hirta is a slender pantropical weed and annual herb in the family Euphorbiaceae. It is commonly known as Asthma-plant, Asthma Weed, Dove milk, Common spurge, Cats hair, Asthma herb, Australian asthma herb, Pill bearing spurge, Snake head, and Snake weed. The Assamese common name is গাখীৰতী বন Gakheerotee bon, Gakhiroti bon. The other common name are (in Sanskrit) Khira, Dugdhika Nagari, Nagarjun, (in Hindi) Bara dudhi, Mothi Dudhi, Lal-dudhi, (in bodo) Nasrai koro, (in Manipuri) Pakhang leiton, Pakhangba maton, (in Marathi) Dudhi, (in Tamil) Ammam Paccharisi, (in Malayalam) Nelapalai, (in Telugu) Nanabalu, (in Kannada) Hachchedida, Accheche, (in Bengali) Barokarni, etc. The asthma plant is native to Assam.

This pubescent, erect or prostrate herb grows up to 40cm long and colour of stem is red or purple and latex of stem is milky. The leaves type is simple, arrangement of leaves is opposite, shape is elliptic, margin dented, and apex is acute. The flowers are purplish to greenish in color and unisexual. Short stalked flowers grow in axillary cymes at each leaf node and are crowded.

Euphorbia hirta is a traditional medicine to treat asthma and other respiratory ailments. It is also used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.

Kingdom              : Plantae
Phylum                 : Tracheophyta
Class                      : Equisetopsida C. Agardh
Order                    : Malpighiales Juss. ex Bercht. & J. Presl
Family                   : Euphorbiaceae
Genus                   : Euphorbia
Species                 : Euphorbia hirta L.


Chamaesyce gemella (Lag.) Small
Chamaesyce hirta (L.) Millsp.
Chamaesyce hirta var. glaberrima (Koidz.) H.Hara
Chamaesyce hirta var. laeticincta Croizat
Chamaesyce hirta f. litoralis Hurus.
Chamaesyce karwinskyi (Boiss.) Millsp.
Chamaesyce pekinensis var. glaberrima (Koidz.) Makino & Nemoto
Chamaesyce pilulifera var. glaberrima (Koidz.) H.Hara
Chamaesyce rosei Millsp.
Desmonema hirta (L.) Raf.
Ditrita hirta (L.) Raf.
Euphorbia bancana Miq.
Euphorbia capitata Lam.
Euphorbia chrysochaeta W.Fitzg.
Euphorbia gemella Lag.
Euphorbia globulifera Kunth
Euphorbia hirta var. destituta L.C.Wheeler
Euphorbia hirta var. glaberrima Koidz.
Euphorbia hirta var. typica L.C.Wheeler, nom. inval.
Euphorbia karwinskyi Boiss.
Euphorbia nodiflora Steud.
Euphorbia obliterata Jacq.
Euphorbia pilulifera var. arechavaletae Herter
Euphorbia pilulifera var. discolor Engelm.
Euphorbia pilulifera var. glabrescens Thell.
Euphorbia pilulifera var. guaranitica Chodat & Hassl.
Euphorbia pilulifera var. hirta (L.) Thell.
Euphorbia pilulifera f. humifusa Domin
Euphorbia pilulifera var. obliterata (Jacq.) Hitchc.
Euphorbia pilulifera f. rubromaculata Domin
Euphorbia pilulifera f. viridis Domin
Euphorbia verticillata Vell., nom. illeg.

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