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Flemingia strobilifera

Flemingia strobilifera is an erect, perennial flowering shrub in the family Fabaceae. It is commonly known as the luck plant or wild hops and Assamese common name is মাখিয়তী  (Makhioti, Makhiyoti, Makhiloti). The luck plant is native to Assam.  It is native to a range of tropical and subtropical areas in the world. The shrub grows to the height to 1-2m. Leaves arrangement of the shrub is 1-foliolate, shape of leaf is obovate to ovate, flowers bloom at the end of branch, flowers are enclosed in large leaf-like bracts, and the shape of bracts is obovate, papery, persistent, enclosing the flowers. Flowers have creamy petals and light yellow.

Roots of Makhioti plant are used in epilepsy, hysteria, fever and insomnia. In Assam, this plant is known as fly repellent. In the rituals of ‘Garu Bihu’ – the first day of Bohag Bihu festival, the Assamese people beat mildly their cows and cattle by branches of Flemingia strobilifera to remove the flies.

Scientific classification of Flemingia strobilifera
Kingdom              :               Plantae
Order                    :               Fabales
Family                   :               Fabaceae
Genus                   :               Flemingia
Species                 :               F. strobilifera
Binomial name  :               Flemingia strobilifera (L.) W.T.Aiton

Flemingia bracteata (Roxb.) Wight
Flemingia fruticulosa Benth.
Flemingia strobilifera var. bracteata (Roxb.) Baker
Flemingia strobilifera var. fruticulosa (Benth.) Baker
Hedysarum bracteatum Roxb.
Hedysarum strobiliferum L.
Moghania bracteata (Roxb.) H.L.Li
Moghania fruticulosa (Benth.) Mukerjee
Moghania strobilifera (L.) J.St.-Hil.
Moghania strobilifera (L.) Kuntze
Moghania strobilifera (L.) Jacks.
Zornia strobilifera (L.) Pers.

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