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Assamese General Knowledge

There are four seasons in Assam i.e., summer, rainy, autumn, and winter. Between March and April, some amount of showers keeps the temperature lower is called spring season. The summer season occurs from March to June. The climate of Assam is vastly touched by tropical monsoon rainfall and high humidity. The south-west monsoon pours heavy rain from June to September of the year. Assam records 180 cm average rainfall in this period. In this rainy season, Assam faces the thunderstorms, which is known as ‘Bordoisila’. The autumn season (September to October) offers mild temperatures. The winter season starts in November and ends in the month of February. During winter, moderate to dense fog occurs in Assam. The range of temperatures of Assam state is recorded from 6 – 8 degree Celsius to 35 – 38 degree Celsius.

The recorded forest area of Assam is 26,832 sq km, which is 34.21% of its geographical area. According to a survey, Reserved Forests constitute 66.58% and Unclassed Forests 33.42% of the total forest area. The forest in Assam can be described into the following types/ subtypes.

a) Tropical Wet Evergreen Forests.

b) Tropical Semi-Evergreen Forests.

c) Tropical Moist Deciduous Forests.

d) Sub-tropical Broadleaf Hill Forests.

e) Sub-tropical Pine Forests.

f) Littoral and Swamp Forests.

g) Grassland and Savannahs.

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