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Garcinia cowa

Garcinia cowa is medium sized deciduous tree in the family Clusiaceae. The tree is native to Assam. Generally the tree grows in the wild in Assam. The Assamese common name of the plant is কাউ থেকেৰা  (Kau thekera). Other common names are cowa fruit or cowa mangosteen. It is an evergreen plant with edible fruit. Taste of fruit is acidic.
Arrangement of leaves is opposite, shape of leaves is ovate, base of leaves is acute to obtuse, margins is entire, apex of leaves is acuminate, and leaves are glabrous on both sides. Wood of the tree is moderately hard, bark is grey, reddish or pale gray, and flowers are yellow.
Tender leaves of Garcinia cowa used as vegetable. Ripe fruits are eaten and seeds of the fruits are also eaten. Thin sliced pieces of cowa are dried in the sun and preserved it for future uses. Dried pieces of Cowa fruits are used as a traditional medicine for treatment of dysentery.
Scientific classification Garcinia cowa
Kingdom : Plantae

Order : Malpighiales
Family :Clusiaceae
Genus :Garcinia
Accepted name : Garcinia cowa Roxb.

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