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Garcinia lanceifolia 

Garcinia lanceifolia is an evergreen slender tree in the family Clusiaceae. This medicinal plant is native to Assam.  The Assamese common name of the tree is ৰূপহী থেকেৰা (Rupahi Thekera, Rupohi Thekera).
The wood of the tree is moderately hard and branches are profuse. Leaves of the tree are glabrous on both sides, arrangement of leaves is simple, opposite, shape of leaves is lanceolate, and margin is entire. Both male and female flower present in the tree. Fruits are fleshy berry, has broad end at the top and the narrow end at the base, ripe fruits are orange-yellow and seeds are covered with juicy pulp.
The fruits are edible, medicinal and taste is acidic. People use the fruits for treatment of dysentery, indigestion, and in stomach problem.  
Scientific classification of Garcinia lanceifolia
Kingdom : Plantae
Order    : Malpighiales
Family   : Clusiaceae
Genus   : Garcinia
Accepted name : Garcinia lanceifolia Roxb.

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