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Gardenia jasminoides

Plant location : Sivasagar, Assam, India

Gardenia jasminoides is an evergreen flowering shrub in the coffee family Rubiaceae. It is native to Assam, a state of India, and parts of Southeast Asia like Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, the East Himalaya, Hainan, Japan, Laos, Nansei-shoto, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. The common names of the plant in English are Cape Jasmine, Common Gardenia, and Gardenia. The other common names of Gardenia jasminoides are (in Assamese) Togor, (in Bengali) Gandharaj, (in Hindi) Gandhraj, (in Kannada) Suvasane Malle, (in Manipuri) Kaboklei, (in Marathi) Gandroya, (in Urdu) Gulchand, etc.

Many cultivars have been developed from Gardenia. This shrub grows very dense branches with dark green leaves. The leaves are glossy on the upper side; the arrangement of leaves on the gardenia is opposite; the shape of leaves is oval to ovate; the apex of leaves is cuspidate; and the margin of leaves is entire. The white flower of the gardenia blooms in spring to early summer in Assam and has a strong, lovely fragrance. The flowers are matte and waxy, turning creamy yellow as they age. Leaves are either subsessile or on short petioles. They gradually take on a creamy yellow color. The flowers are solitary and terminal, arising from the ends of the stems.

Taxonomy of Gardenia jasminoides
Kingdom        : Plantae
Phylum          : Tracheophyta
Class              : Magnoliopsida
Order             : Gentianales
Family            : Rubiaceae
Genus            : Gardenia
Species          : Gardenia jasminoides J.Ellis

Synonym of Gardenia 
Jasminum capense Mill.
Gardenia angustifolia G.Lodd.
Gardenia augusta Merr.
Gardenia augusta f. shanpinensis F.C.Ho
Gardenia florida L.
Gardenia grandiflora Lour.
Gardenia grandiflora Siebold ex Zucc.
Gardenia jasminoides f. kueishanensis F.C.Ho
Gardenia jasminoides f. longicarpa Z.M.Xie & M.Okada
Gardenia longisepala (Masam.) Masam.
Gardenia pictorum Hassk.
Gardenia radicans Thunb.
Genipa florida (L.) Baill.
Genipa grandiflora (Lour.) Baill.
Genipa radicans (Thunb.) Baill.
Mussaenda chinensis Lour.
Warneria augusta L.

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