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Houttuynia cordata

Houttuynia cordata is an herbaceous perennial plant in the family Saururaceae (Lizard-tail family). The plant is native to Assam. The Assamese common names of Houttuynia cordata is মচুন্দাৰি  (Musundari). Other common names of the herb are fish mint, fish leaf, rainbow plant, chameleon plant, heart leaf, fish wort. The arrangement of leaves of the plant is alternate, shape is broadly heart-shaped and margin is entire. Its flowers are greenish-yellow and normally bloom in the summer. It grows in moist, shady wet soil or slightly submerged in water. Houttuynia cordata is consumed in Assam as a vegetable and is a popular traditional medicine. It curesdysentery, stomach problem and liver problem. The leaf has an unusual taste that is often described as ‘fishy’.

Scientific classification of  Houttuynia cordata 
Kingdom  :  Plantae
Order    : Piperales
Family   : Saururaceae
Genus    Houttuynia
Scientific name : Houttuynia cordata Thunb.

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