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Ixora coccinea

Ixora coccinea is a bushy, evergreen, and flowering shrub in the family Rubiaceae. The shrub is found in Assam. The Assamese common name of the plant is Rangan, Rogiyal-phul, Ronga-rangan. Other common names of the shrub are English Jungle flame, Jungle geranium, Sacred Ixora, Jungle flame ixora, Flame of the woods, Needle flower. Arrangement of leaves of Ixora coccinea is opposite deccussate, shape of leaves is elliptic to oblong, margin of leaves is entire. Flowers bloom at branch-ends, in dense corymb-like cymes, flower-cluster-stalk very short or absent, flowers are stalkless, bright scarlet.

Ixora coccinea has many medicinal properties. Roots are stomachic, sedative, astringent, febrifuse and acrid. Leaf extract is given in dysentery. Bark powder is applied to sores, burns and injuries.

Scientific classification of Ixora coccinea
Kingdom : Plantae  
Phylum : Tracheophyta  
Class : Magnoliopsida  
Order : Gentianales  
Family : Rubiaceae  
Genus : Ixora  
Accepted name : Ixora coccinea L.

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