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Justicia gendarussa

Justicia gendarussa is an erect and brunched shrub in the family Acanthaceae. The shrub is native to Assam. The common names of the shrub are willow-leaved justicia, Nili nargandi, Kala bashimb. The Assamese common name of the shrub is বিশল্যকৰণী (Bishalyakarani, Bishalya Karani). Arrangement of leaves is opposite decussate, shape is lanceolate, and flower is white. Willow-Leaf Justicia is an important medicine for treatment in respiratory disorders like cough, cold, bronchitis, throat infections, pulmonary infections and allergic disorders like bronchial asthma.

Scientific classification of Justicia gendarussa
Kingdom :  Plantae
Order  :   Lamiales
Family   :  Acanthaceae
Genus    :  Justicia
Species   :  J. gendarussa
Binomial name  :   Justicia gendarussa Burm.f.

Synonyms   :   Gendarussa vulgaris Nees

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