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Kareng Ghar

Kareng Ghar, (In Assamese language কাৰেং ঘৰ) also known as the Palace of Ahom King, is located in Gargaon, Assam, India, 15 kilometres from the district of Sivasagar. The palace is one of the prominent examples of Ahom architecture. In the year 1752, the building was built by the Ahom king, Suremphaa (reign 1751–1769), or Rajeswar Singha, the fourth son of Rudra Singha. For the construction of the building, indigenous bricks were used and for cementing material, mixtures of jiggery, black gram, snail limes, stone limes, oil, fish, eggs, etc. were used. Several photos or images of Kareng Ghar are given below.

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