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Leiodon cutcutia

Leiodon cutcutia is a species of puffer fish in the family Tetraodontidae. It is native to southern Asia, from India to the Malay Archipelago. The common name of this puffer fish is ocellated puffer fish. Gangatup or Gangatop (গংগাটোপ, গঙ্গাটোপ ) is the Assamese name for the Leiodon cutcutia. This fish is found in ponds, beels, canals, and rivers in Assam. It is not consumed by people.

Location of the fish : Sivasagar District, Assam, India

Scientific classification of Leiodon cutcutia

Kingdom          :           Animalia
Phylum            :           Chordata
Class                :           Actinopterygii
Order              :           Tetraodontiformes
Family             :           Tetraodontidae
Genus             :           Tetraodon
Species           :           Leiodon cutcutia (Hamilton 1822)

Tetraodon cutcutia F. Hamilton, 1822
Leisomus cutcutia (F. Hamilton, 1822)
Monotretus cutcutia (F. Hamilton, 1822)
Tetrodon caria F. Hamilton, 1822
Tetrodon gularis F. Hamilton, 1822
Monotreta gularis (F. Hamilton, 1822)
Leisomus marmoratus Swainson, 1839

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