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Lippia alba

Lippia alba is an erect shrub in the family Verbenaceae. The shrub is found in the wild in Assam. The common names of this flowering shrub are bushy matgrass, bushy lippia, hierba negra, and pitiona. Arrangements of leaves is opposite, shape is elliptic-oblong, thick-chartaceous, margin of leaves is serrate-crenate. Stems are densely hairy. Petals of the flower are pinkish-white. The plant is used to prepare somatic, sedative, antidepressant, and analgesic medicine.

The essential oil is extracted from the plant.

Scientific classification of Lippia alba
Kingdom  :  Plantae
Order   :   Lamiales
Family   :  Verbenaceae
Genus   :   Lippia
Species  :  L. alba
Binomial name  : Lippia alba (Mill.) N.E.Br. ex Britton & P.Wilson

Synonyms :
Camara alba (Mill.) Kuntze
Lantana alba Mill.
Lantana cuneatifolia Klotzsch ex Walp.
Lantana geminata (Kunth) Spreng.
Lantana lippioides Hook. & Arn. nom. illeg.
Lantana malabarica Hayek
Lantana mollissima Desf.
Lantana odorata (Pers.) Weigelt ex Cham. nom. illeg.
Lippia asperifolia Poepp. ex Cham.
Lippia carterae (Moldenke) G.L.Nesom
Lippia citrata Willd. ex Cham.
Lippia crenata Sessé & Moc.
Lippia geminata Kunth
Lippia globiflora (L’Hér.) Kuntze
Lippia havanensis Turcz.
Lippia lantanifolia F.Muell.
Lippia lantanoides (Lam.) Herter nom. illeg.
Lippia lantanoides J.M.Coult. nom. illeg.
Lippia obovata Sessé & Moc.
Lippia panamensis Turcz.
Lippia unica Ramakr.
Verbena globiflora L’Hér.
Verbena globulifera Spreng.
Verbena lantanoides (Lam.) Willd. ex Spreng.
Zappania geminata (Kunth) Gibert
Zappania globiflora (L’Hér.) Juss.
Zappania globiflora (L’Hér.) Willd.
Zappania lantanoides Lam.
Zappania odorata Pers.

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