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Nymphaea alba

Nymphaea alba is an aquatic perennial herbs and flowering plant in the family Nymphaeaceae. It is native to North Africa, temperate Asia, Europe and tropical Asia (Assam, Jammu and Kashmir). The Assamese common name of the plant is Bhet (ভেট). The other common names are  Nilofar, Romanian White Waterlily, Eurpoean white water lily, White water lily, (in Bengali) Swetshaluk, (in Manipuri) Tharo-angouba, (in Sanskrit) kumuda, utpalam, (in Tamil) neytarkilanku, neytal, neitharkizhangu, (in Urdu) Nilofar, Gule nilofar, (in Kashmiri) Brimposh, etc. It grows in water below1 to1.5 feet deep and spreads in ponds and lakes.

Flowers of white water lily are bisexual, usually solitary and floating and colour is white and petals are 20-25 and shape is ovate-oblong. The flower has long peduncles, lot of yellow stamens in the center. Leaves are usually floating or submerged and have long petiolate. Shape of leaves is hastate or sagittate, margin crenate, apex obtuse.

Kingdom         : Plantae
Phylum            : Tracheophyta
Class                : Magnoliopsida
Order              : Nymphaeales
Family             : Nymphaeaceae
Genus              : Nymphaea
Species            : Nymphaea alba L.

Castalia alba (L.) Greene
            Castalia biradiata Hayek.
            Castalia odorata Greene
            Castalia semi-aperta Fritsch
            Castalia speciosa Salisb.
            Leuconymphaea alba (L.) Kuntze
            Nymphaea alba f. csepelensis Soó
            Nymphaea alba var. melocarpa Casp
            Nymphaea alba subsp. minoriflora (Borbás) Stucchi
            Nymphaea alba var. occidentalis Ostenf.
            Nymphaea alba var. rubra Lönnr.
            Nymphaea bashiniana Steud.
            Nymphaea biradiata Somm.
            Nymphaea erythrocarpa Hentze
            Nymphaea exumbonata Rupr.
            Nymphaea intermedia Weiker ex Reichb.
            Nymphaea kosteletzkyi Paillard ex Lehm.
            Nymphaea melocarpa Aschers. & Graebn.
            Nymphaea milletii Bor.
            Nymphaea minoriflora (Simonk.) O. D. Wissjul.
            Nymphaea neglecta Hausleutner
            Nymphaea occidentalis Moss
            Nymphaea officinalis Gater.
            Nymphaea parviflora Hentze
            Nymphaea permixta Bor.
            Nymphaea polystigma E. H. L. Krause
            Nymphaea rotundifolia Hentze
            Nymphaea semiaperta Klinggraeff
            Nymphaea sphaerocarpa Hort.
            Nymphaea splendens Hentze
            Nymphaea suaveolens Dum.
            Nymphaea urceolata Hentze
            Nymphaea venusta Hentze

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