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Oxalis corniculata

Oxalis corniculata is a prostrate herb with creeping stem in the family Oxalidaceae. The plant is native to Assam. The Assamese common name of Oxalis corniculata are সৰু  টেঙেচি, টেঙেচি টেঙা  (Haru Tengesi, Tengechi-tenga). Other common names of this plant are Indian sorrel, procumbent yellow sorrel, Creeping Wood Sorrel, Creeping Oxalis. The plant grows in damp and open shady places. Leaves of the plant are digitately trifoliate. The flowers are yellow and have 5 petals. The fruit is a capsule, 1-1.5 cm long and cylindrical. The roots appear at nodes.  In Assam, the Wood Sorrel is consumed as a vegetable and traditional medicine.  The taste of plant is sour and it is rich in vitamin-C. Oxalis corniculata is traditional medicine for treatment of diarrhea, enteritis, skin problem etc.

Scientific classification of Oxalis corniculata
Kingdom      : Plantae
Phylum         : Tracheophyta
Class             : Magnoliopsida 
Order           : Oxalidales 
Family          : Oxalidaceae 
Genus          : Oxalis  
Scientific name    : Oxalis corniculata L.

List of Synonyms
Acetosella corniculata (L.) Kuntze
Acetosella corniculata var. subglabra Kuntze
Acetosella corniculata var. villosa (M.Bieb.) Kuntze
Acetosella herpestica (Schltdl.) Kuntze
Acetosella simulans (Baker) Kuntze
Oxalis albicans var. sericea DC.
Oxalis boreaui P.Fourn.
Oxalis boridiensis R.Knuth
Oxalis ceratilis E.Mey.
Oxalis ciliifera A.Cunn.
Oxalis corniculata var. atropurpurea Planch.
Oxalis corniculata var. corcovadensis R.Knuth
Oxalis corniculata var. glabrocapsula Roti Mich.
Oxalis corniculata var. langloisii (Small) Wiegand
Oxalis corniculata var. macrophylla Arsène ex R.Knuth
Oxalis corniculata var. pilosiuscula (Kunth) Zucc.
Oxalis corniculata var. pubescens Griseb.
Oxalis corniculata var. radicosa (A.Rich.) Roti Mich.
Oxalis corniculata var. repens (Thunb.) Zucc.
Oxalis corniculata rubra G.Nicholson
Oxalis corniculata var. villosa (M.Bieb.) Hohen.
Oxalis corniculata var. viscidula Wiegand
Oxalis diffusa Boreau
Oxalis foliosa Blatt.
Oxalis furcata Elliott
Oxalis glauca Raf. ex DC.
Oxalis grenadensis Urb.
Oxalis herpestica Schltdl.
Oxalis humistrata Willd. ex Steud.
Oxalis jamaicensis Macfad.
Oxalis javanica Blume
Oxalis langloisii (Small) Fedde
Oxalis lujula Noronha
Oxalis lupulina Kunth
Oxalis lutea Steud.
Oxalis meridensis Pittier
Oxalis micrantha Bojer ex Progel
Oxalis minima Steud.
Oxalis monadelpha Roxb. ex Wight & Arn.
Oxalis norlindiana R.Knuth
Oxalis pilosiuscula Kunth
Oxalis pubescens Stokes
Oxalis pusilla Salisb.
Oxalis radicosa A.Rich.
Oxalis recisa Noronha
Oxalis repens Thunb.
Oxalis reptans Sol. ex G.Forst.
Oxalis simulans Baker
Oxalis steudeliana R.Knuth
Oxalis taiwanensis (Masam.) Masam.
Oxalis tenuicaulis A.Cunn.
Oxalis thunbergiana Montrouz.
Oxalis trinidadensis R.Knuth
Oxalis uittienii J.T.Jansen
Oxalis urvillei A.Cunn.
Oxalis villosa M.Bieb.
Oxys corniculata (L.) Scop.
Oxys lutea Lam.
Xanthoxalis corniculata (L.) Small
Xanthoxalis corniculata subsp. repens (Thunb.) Tzvelev
Xanthoxalis grenadensis (Urb.) Tzvelev ex Prob. & Sokolovsk.
Xanthoxalis langloisii Small
Xanthoxalis repens (Thunb.) Moldenke
Xanthoxalis trinidadensis (R.Knuth) Holub

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