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Oxalis debilis

Oxalis debilis is a perennial herb in the family Oxalidaceae. The plant has similarity in appearance to O. corniculata, but it is bulky. This herbaceous plant is native to Assam.  The Assamese common name of Oxalis debilis is বৰ টেঙেচি (Bor Tengesi). Other common names of the plant are Large-flowered pink-sorrel or pink woodsorrel.  The plant is edible. It grows in damp places. Leaves are trifoliate. Flowers are rose, tinged with purple or pink striate. The fruit is a capsule.

Scientific classification of Oxalis debilis 
Kingdom              : Plantae 
Phylum                 : Tracheophyta 
Class                      : Magnoliopsida 
Order                    :Oxalidales 
Family                   : Oxalidaceae 
Genus                   : Oxalis 
Scientific name  : Oxalis debilis Kunth

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