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Paederia foetida 

Paederia foetida is a slender, perennial climbing plant in the family Rubiaceae. This plant is native to Assam. It is also native to temperate and tropical Asia. It is a perennial twining vine arising from a woody rootstock and is fast growing plant. The Assamese common name of Paederia foetida is ভেদাইলতা, পাদুৰিলতা (Bhedai Lota, Bhedailata, Paduri lota). The common names of the plant are skunkvine, stinkvine, or Chinese fever vine. Paederia foetida is known for the strong, sulphurous odour exuded when its leaves and stems are crushed or bruised. The oil found in leaves contains dimethyl disulphide is responsible for the unique smell.

Leaves of skunkvine are oppositely arranged, shape of leaves is lanceolate to oval, and leaves are hairy. Flowers are small, grayish pink,  curving clusters at the end of branches or in leaf axils. Flowers are densely hairy. Fruit is a shiny brown. Skunk Vine is found growing on wet, humid and shady area.

Stinkvine is edible and the Assamese people prepare tasty recipes with it. The young shoots are eaten. This herb is considered as a tonic to weak health.

 Scientific classification of Paederia foetida 
Kingdom  :Plantae
Order      :Gentianales
Family   :Rubiaceae
Genus    :Paederia
Binomial name  :Paederia foetida L.

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