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Phallus duplicatus

Phallus duplicatus is a species of fungus in the stinkhorn family. This fungus is found in Assam. It also in China and Japan, eastern North America, and South America (Brazil). The common names are netted stinkhorn or wood witch. The Assamese common name of Phallus duplicates is ALakhonir Ghor (আলাখনিৰ ঘৰ).   Phallus duplicatus is a saprobic species, and fruit bodies grow singly or in small groups on the ground. The smelly gleba coating of the cap attracts flies and other insects that consume it and help to disperse the spores. The bell-shaped cap is brown, the cylindrical stalk is white. It grows often in humid sandy soil.

Scientific classification of Phallus duplicatus
Kingdom              :               Fungi
Division               :               Basidiomycota
Class                     :               Agaricomycetes
Order                   :               Phallales
Family                  :               Phallaceae
Genus                   :               Phallus
Species                 :               P. duplicatus
Binomial name  :               Phallus duplicates Bosc (1811)

Synonyms           :               Dictyophora duplicata (Bosc) E.Fisch. (1888)
                                                Hymenophallus duplicatus (Bosc) Nees (1817)

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