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Phyllanthus reticulatus

Phyllanthus reticulatus is a much-branched somewhat climbing shrub in the family Phyllanthaceae. The distribution of the shrub spreads over Africa, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, the West Indies, and Australia. The plant is native to Assam. The Assamese common name of Phyllanthus reticulatus is Bon Amlakhi. The other common names of Phyllanthus reticulatus are Black-berried Feather Foil, Black-honey Shrub, Netted-leaved Leaf-Flower, Potato-bush, and Reticulated Leaf-Flower (in Bengali) Panjuli, (in Gujarati) Kamboi, (in Hindi) Makhi Panjuli, (in Kannada) Karihuli, (in Konkani) Panpoi, etc.

Plant location : Sivasagar District, Assam, India

The stem of the shrub is cyllindrical, matured stem blackish-brown, green in young. Leaf arrangement of the plant is alternate distichous, leaf type is simple, leaf shape is oblong-elliptic, the leaf apex is acute, the leaf base is obtuse, and the leaf margin is entire. The fruit of Phyllanthus reticulatus is a dark blue globose berry. The plant has valuable medicinal properties. In traditional medicine, Phyllanthus reticulatus is used as an antidiabetic, antiviral, anticancer, antiplasmodial, hepatoprotective, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. 

The scientific classification of Phyllanthus reticulatus
Kingdom :     Plantae
Phylum :       Tracheophyta
Class :           Equisetopsida C. Agardh
Order :          Malpighiales Juss. ex Bercht. & J. Presl
Family :         Phyllanthaceae
Genus :         Phyllanthus
Species :       Phyllanthus reticulatus Poir.

Synonyms of Phyllanthus reticulatus
Anisonema dubium Blume
Anisonema intermedium Decne.
Anisonema jamaicense (Griseb.) Griseb.
Anisonema multiflorum (Baill.) Wight
Anisonema puberulum Baill.
Anisonema reticulatum (Poir.) A.Juss.
Anisonema wrightianum Baill.
Anisonema zollingeri Miq.
Cicca decandra Blanco
Cicca reticulata (Poir.) Kurz
Diasperus multiflorus (Baill.) Kuntze
Diasperus reticulatus (Poir.) Kuntze
Kirganelia dubia (Blume) Baill.
Kirganelia intermedia (Decne.) Baill.
Kirganelia lineata Alston
Kirganelia multiflora Baill.
Kirganelia prieuriana Baill.
Kirganelia puberula Baill.
Kirganelia reticulata (Poir.) Baill.
Kirganelia sinensis Baill.
Kirganelia wightiana Baill.
Melanthesa oblongifolia Oken
Phyllanthus alaternoides Rchb. ex Baill.
Phyllanthus chamissonis Klotzsch
Phyllanthus dalbergioides (Müll.Arg.) Wall. ex J.J.Sm.
Phyllanthus depressus Buch.-Ham. ex Dillwyn [Illegitimate]
Phyllanthus griseus Wall. [Invalid]
Phyllanthus jamaicensis Griseb.
Phyllanthus microcarpus var. dalbergioides Müll.Arg.
Phyllanthus microcarpus var. pallidus Müll.Arg.
Phyllanthus multiflorus Willd. [Illegitimate]
Phyllanthus oblongifolius Pax
Phyllanthus pentandrus Roxb. ex Thwaites [Illegitimate]
Phyllanthus prieurianus (Baill.) Müll.Arg.
Phyllanthus puberulus Miq. ex Baill.
Phyllanthus pulchellus A. Juss.
Phyllanthus reticulatus var. reticulatus
Phyllanthus scandens Roxb. ex Dillwyn
Phyllanthus spinescens Wall. [Invalid]
Phyllanthus takaoensis Hayata

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