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Phyllanthus urinaria

Phyllanthus urinaria is an erect annual herb in the family Phyllanthaceae. The herb is native to Assam. The Assamese common name of Phyllanthus urinaria is মাটি আমলখি, ভূঁই আমলখি (Mati Amlakhi, Bhui Amlakhi). Other common names of the herb are chamber bitter, gripeweed, shatterstone, stonebreaker, leafflower. The plant has small alternate leaves resembling those of the genus Mimosa, disposed in two ranges. The leaves are large at the tip and smaller towards the petiole. The leaves folds at night and are open in the day. Flowers are greenish white, minute and appear at axiles of the leaves, as well as the seed capsules. Numerous small green-red fruits, round and smooth, are found along the underside of the stems, which are erect and red.

Phyllanthus urinaria is effective traditional medicine. It is used in treatment of gall bladder and kidney stones problem, urinary tract infection, bladder inflammation and major liver problems.

Scientific classification of Phyllanthus urinaria
Kingdom              : Plantae
Order                    : Malpighiales
Family                   : Phyllanthaceae
Genus                   : Phyllanthus
Scientific name: Phyllanthus urinaria L.
Synonyms :
Phyllanthus cantoniensis Hornem.
Phyllanthus cantoniensis Schweigg.
Phyllanthus urinaria Wall. non L.

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