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Physalis angulata

Physalis angulata is an erect annual herb in the family Solanaceae. This herb is native to Assam. The Assamese common name of Physalis angulata is পকমৌ (Pokmou).  Other common names for the herb are angular winter cherry, balloon cherry, cutleaf groundcherry, gooseberry, hogweed, camapu. The shape of leaves of the plant is ovate and colour is dark green. Flowers are yellowish-green, anthers blue. Fruit is within the balloon-like calyx. Fruits are edible.

Scientific classification of Physalis angulata 
Kingdom: Plantae  
Phylum : Tracheophyta  
Class      : Magnoliopsida  
Order    : Solanales  
Family   : Solanaceae  
Genus   : Physalis  
Binomial name  :Physalis angulata L.

Synonyms :
Boberella angulata (L.) E.H.L.Krause
Physalis capsicifolia Dunal
Physalis esquirolii H. Lév. & Vaniot
Physalis lanceifolia Nees
Physalis linkiana Nees
Physalis ramosissima Mill.

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