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Piper sarmentosum

Piper sarmentosum is a perennial herb in the family Piperaceae.  The herb is native to Assam. The plant grows at shady places and spreads by underground rhizomes. The Assamese common name of Piper sarmentosum is আউনি  পান  (Aoni Pan, Auni pan). The other common name of this herb is wild betel. The leaves are alternate and shape of leaves of wild betel is heart-shaped (Cordate) and thinner and smaller than betel.

Scientific classification of Wild betel
Kindom : Plantae  
Phylum : Tracheophyta  
Class : Magnoliopsida  
Order : Piperales 
Family :  Piperaceae  
Genus : Piper  
Scientific name : Piper sarmentosum Roxb.

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