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Rubus alceifolius

Rubus alceifolius is a straggling or sub-scandent shrub in the family Rosaceae. The shrub is native to Assam. The Assamese common name of the plant is জেতুলিপকা, জুতুলিপকা  (Jutulipoka, Jetulipoka). Other common name is Wild raspberry. The prickles are scattered in branches, petiole, midrib of leaves, sometimes on leaf veins. Leaves are broad and pubescent and shape of leaves is palmate. Flower is small, white in axillary receme. Fruits are succulent drupes, globose and red. The red ripe fruit is edible. The juice of root of the plant is used as medicine in fistula.

Scientific classification of Rubus alceifolius Poir.
Kongdom : Plantae 
Phylum : Tracheophyta 
Class      : Magnoliopsida 
Order    : Rosales  
Family   : Rosaceae 
Genus   : Rubus 
Species    : Rubus alceifolius Poir.

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