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Smilax zeylanica 

Smilax zeylanica is a climbing shrub in the family Smilacaceae. The Assamese common name of the plant is টিকনি  বৰুৱা  (Tikoni Boruah, Tikoni Barua). Other common names are Tikoni Boruah, Tikoni Barua, Kumarika plant. The stems of the woody climber are covered with hooked prickles. Leaves are glossy, and without hair. Shape of leaves is large and oval with apex blunt acuminate, arrangement of leaves is alternate, margin is entire. Flowers are white, in dense umbels in leaf axils.

Tender shoots or young leaves are eaten as vegetable.  Its leaves and roots are used for medicinal purposes. The roots of Kumarika plant are used for treatment of urinary complaints and dysentery.

Scientific classification of Smilax zeylanica
Kingdom   :   Plantae
Order           :  Liliales
Family        :   Smilacaceae
Genus          :  Smilax
Binomial name  : Smilax zeylanica L.

Synonyms :
Smilax ceylanica Oken
Smilax collina Kunth
Smilax elliptica Desv.
Smilax hohenackeri Kunth
Smilax indica Burm.f.
Smilax ovalifolia var. nervulosa A.DC.
Smilax villandia Buch.-Ham. ex Royle
Smilax zeylanica var. penangensis A.DC.
Smilax zollingeri Kunth

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