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Solanum violaceum

Solanum violaceum is much branched shrub in the family Solanaceae. The plant is native to Assam. The Assamese common name of Solanum violaceum is তিতা ভেকুৰি  (Tita Bhekuri, Bhekuri Tita). Other common names are Indian nightshade, Poison berry. The leaves and stems of the shrub are minutely stellate-hairy on young parts, and later glabrate when matured. Shape of leaves of Indian nightshade is ovate to ovate-oblong, arrangement of leaves is alternate, and margin of leaves is typically sinuate to lobed. Fruit is a berry, spherical, green to yellow, and orange when ripe. Flowers are borne in racemose extra axillary cymes, purple colored, clothed with darker purple colored hairs.

Solanum violaceum has medicinal values. It is used as a medicine for treatment of fever, indigestion, asthma, diabetes and ulcers etc. It is also consumed as a vegetable.

Scientific classification of Solanum violaceum 
Kingdom  : Plantae
Order   :  Solanales
Family  :   Solanaceae
Genus    :    Solanum
Binomial name  : Solanum violaceum Ortega
Synonyms List
Solanum agreste Roth
Solanum anguivi Hook.
Solanum chinense Dunal
Solanum coccineum Dunal
Solanum cuneatum Moench
Solanum erosum Van Heurck & Müll.Arg.
Solanum ferox Jungh. ex Miq.
Solanum heynii Roem. & Schult.
Solanum himalense Dunal
Solanum indicum L.
Solanum indicum f. album C.Y.Wu & S.C.Huang
Solanum indicum var. erosopinnatifidum Dunal
Solanum indicum subsp. erosum (Van Heurck & Müll.Arg.) Bitter
Solanum indicum var. recurvatum C.Y.Wu & S.C.Huang
Solanum indicum var. sinuatolobatum Dunal
Solanum junghuhnii Miq.
Solanum kurzii Brace ex Prain
Solanum lividum Willd. ex Dunal
Solanum nelsonii Zipp. ex Span.
Solanum nivalo-montanum C.Y.Wu & S.C.Huang
Solanum pinnatifidum Roth
Solanum pubescens Heyne ex Walp.
Solanum racemosum Noronha
Solanum sanitwongsei Craib
Solanum sodomeum Russ. ex Nees
Solanum vincentii Delile ex Dunal
Solanum virginianum Russ. ex Wall.

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