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Wildlife Sanctuaries in Assam

Name of Tiger Reserves in Assam

1. Orang Tiger Reserve

2. Manas Tiger Reserve

3. Kaziranga Tiger Reserve

4. Nameri Tiger Reserve

Name of Elephant Reserves in Assam

1. Sonitpur Elephant Reserve, (Area: 1,420 sq km), Location: Sonitpur district, Population of elephants: 612 Nos. (Year 2005).

2. Dehing-Patkai Elephant Reserve, (Area: 937 sq km), Location: Dibrugarh and Tinsukia districts Population of elephants: 295Nos. (Year 2005).

3. Kaziranga-Karbi Anglong Elephant Reserve, (Area: 3,270 sq km), Location: Golaghat, Nagaon and Karbi Anglong districts,  Population of elephants: 1940 Nos. (Year 2005).

4. Dhansiri-Lumding Elephant Reserve, (Area: 2,740 sq km), Location: Karbi Anglong districts,  Population of elephants: 275 Nos. (Year 2005).

5. Chirang-Ripu Elephant Reserve, (Area: 2,600 sq km), Location: Kokrajhar district, 658 Nos. (Year 2005).

 Name of Biosphere Reserves in Assam

1. Manas Biospehere Reserve

2. Dibru-Saikhowa Biosphere Reserve

Name of Ramsar site in Assam

1. Deepor Beel

Assam is one of the richest biodiversity areas of the world. There are more than 164 types of species of mammals, about 17 species of endemic birds, about 45 species of other birds also found in Indian Sub-Continent, 280 species of migratory birds, 77 species of snakes and lizards, 70 species of amphibians, 185 species of fishes, 39 species of freshwater snails, about 700 species of butterflies, about 387 species of moaths, about 3854 species of flowering plants, about 328 species of Orchids, about 42 species of bamboos, about 14 species of canes, about 952 species of medicinal plants, 167 species of endemic plants, etc.

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